Own production area
Bleached absorbent cotton wool production
Modern technological equipment
Compliance with modern international standards
BUMFA Group Asia
The history of the plant begins in 2002 as an Uzbek-Swiss company. Since 2019, it is a Foreign Enterprise LLC BUMFA GROUP Asia, the investor of which is the Russian company LLC BUMFA GROUP, a manufacturer of cotton swabs, cotton pads, wet wipes and paper products for hygiene purposes.
Our company produces a finished product according to any parameters and client's requirements. Competitive prices and lead times will pleasantly surprise our customers.
production area
The enterprise has its own production area with all engineering infrastructures.
Modern technological equipment
The enterprise has installed modern high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany and Turkey, which ensures a high level of quality of finished products. It is especially worth noting that the enterprise has introduced a modern waste-free closed-loop production cycle.
Compliance with modern international standards
The process of obtaining absorbent cotton wool includes mechanical and chemical treatment of cotton fibers and cotton tow, containing the stages of bleaching, souring, washing, squeezing, loosening and drying.
Products "BUMFA Group Asia"
Bleaching of cotton fiber is carried out without the use of chlorine, therefore, our products are environmentally friendly fiber of a snow-white color without foreign inclusions and odors.
The modern technologies used in the production process that do not produce harmful emissions into the environment, high-quality raw materials, compliance with all environmental requirements and norms, allow us to manufacture a product in accordance with modern international standards.
friendly pure fiber
Free of foreign inclusions and odors
Snow white color
Compliance with international standards
Contact Information
Foreign Economic Activity Specialist
Khamidova Ruzaliya
Legal address:
Uzbekistan, Tashkent region, Akhangaran district of SSG Uvak, settlement Gulbog.
TIN 305446224, OKPO 27716471
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Actual address
Uzbekistan, Tashkent region, Akhangaran district of SSG Uvak, settlement Gulbog
Director of Bumfa Group Asia
Dodozhonov Shakirzhon Kamilovich
Ch. accountant
Raev Nazrulla Zharkinbaevich
Ch. engineer
Sharafutdinov Tohirzhon Toshpulatovich
Head of HR Department
Pashshahodzhaeva Arziya Abdullakhanovna
Head of Quality Control DepartmentНачальника ОТК
Фадеева Лидия Генадьевна
Khudaykulov Davron Abdumitalovich
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